Many tours merely visit Muriwai beach, but who better to show you this region than from a local?

Get to touch the Tasman Sea, get the black iron-sands between your toes (if you dare!!), and look how far you can see along the coastline of this magnificent rugged beach.

50km (30miles) long, with unique black iron-sands, and home to the takapu gannet sea-bird. 1.2 million [-human-] visitors see this colony each year – a truly world-famous Auckland attraction, and it’s just 45 minutes from the heart of downtown Auckland!

We get phone calls all the time asking if there is a bus to Muriwai Beach…sorry to report, there are NO Public buses to Muriwai Beach !! They did trial one several years ago, but it was stopped due to lack of patronage …so it’s best to take a “Coast to Coast Tour

You may even be lucky enough to see the Muriwai Beach Blowhole in action! But you will definitely get to appreciate the difference between Auckland’s two coasts, and learn about Auckland’s two harbours and during a Christmas vacation you will be able to see the Pohutukawa (New Zealand Christmas tree) in flower along the Muriwai coastline.

Coast to Coast Tours is an Auckland Regional Council Approved Operator which is legally approved to take tourists to specified parks including Muriwai Beach

Coast to Coast Tours is an Auckland Regional Council Approved Operator which is legally approved to take tourists to specified parks. Every commercial tour operator which visit Regional parks has to pay a fee. We have to pay to visit the Muriwai and Waitakere parks, (the cost of this is included in the price of your tour). This is a way in which the Auckland Regional Council can monitor the amount of people using these natural areas. Unfortunately, this registration to become an Approved Operator tends to be abused (even by large companies with “awards”!), so please check that the tour provider you choose is a current and Approved Operator. Should you book with an illegal operator, then you are only supporting them! You can DO A CHECK HERE