The Craftmarket will give tour customers a discount on any goods purchased. The maximum is 15%. However some tour operators opt to take a percentage for themselves leaving the tourist with only 10% or even 5% discount. We pass the whole 15% discount onto our tourists…and PLEASE NOTE: we do not receive any commission for taking our tourists to this Craftmarket. This is not a “pressure-selling” stop!

Certainly not!! The only reason we stop at ‘CraftWorld’ is because the items sold there have been made in New Zealand. We do not receive any commission or other incentive for bringing visitors to this store. (You don’t even have to go into ‘CraftWorld’ if you don’t wish to).

‘CraftWorld’ has hundreds of booths, each containing a different New Zealand crafter’s wares. Anything (and everything!) from New Zealand greenstone (pounamu), knitting, woodwork, quilting, carving, jewelry, pottery, paintings, ceramics…to name but a few.

YES, this is the reason why we favour this shop.

In some instances yes. However, many of these products are ‘one-offs’ and are not mass produced. Most of these items are unavailable in regular souvenir shops anyway.

Talk to one of the sales assistants and place an order. Leave your contact details with us also.

Absolutely! There will be items for you to purchase at just about every stop; Arataki Information Centre, wine, and honey, when you take these Auckland tours.

YES, within a few metres there is ‘Farmer’s’ (a department store), ‘No.1 Shoe Warehouse’ (a bargain shoe shop), ‘The Warehouse’ (a bargain department store), ‘JB HiFi’ (an appliance shop), ‘Noel Leeming’ (another appliance shop), ‘Starbucks Coffee’ (complimentary tea/coffee is also available inside the ‘CraftWorld’ store, along with toilet facilities)

Most certainly! We have a lockable compartment in our van, and we always lock the vehicle if it is unattended.

We usually go to the Soljan’s winery but there are several wineries in this region. If you have a particular favourite, just let us know at booking time!

This is 18 years of age, and ID may be requested.

Certainly. The staff at the winery will also package it for you!

YES! Your lunch includes one beverage…your choice of either; wine/beer/fruit juice/soda/tea/coffee

We stop at an upmarket cafe that serves a variety of NZ-european style foods. The choice is entirely up to you, but the menu has vegetarian, soup, meats, chicken, fish, pasta… (Large groups prior bookings are essential!)

YES, (but we ask that you pay the cost of the lunch for your under 5 year olds. Lunch for children over 5 years is included)


YES, if you discuss this with us at time of booking, we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.