Auckland's coasts are both significantly different and we want you to experience  the wild and rugged west coast and the calm and gentle east as well as everything  between!  Our tour operators are local and love to share The City of Sails with  visitors

Like To Do Some SHOPPING?

We take you to 100% New Zealand handcrafts


A large supermarket type shop with GENUINE New Zealand products. Each booth holds a crafter’s wares from all over New Zealand. (Many are ‘one-off’ products not available in regular souvenir shops) You’ll have ½ hour to enjoy this West Auckland craft store! Toilets and complimentary tea/coffee facilities available.

There is a comment (-on Tripadvisor-) which implies that “Auckland tour companies which visit souvenir shops, do so trying to coerce customers into buying something to receive extra commissions from shops to make more money from their tours”. We thought it was about Time (!) that we placed a “disclaimer” on our website which disassociates *our* Auckland tour company from this kind of behavior.

We are well aware that this “back-handing” occurs in the tourism industry…especially overseas (which we have ourselves been tricked-into as tourists). But we would like to stress that Coast to Coast Tours does NOT (or has never) received any commissions for taking our guests to souvenir shops.

We visit ‘CraftWorld’ because this shop has NZ products. Our guests often want souvenirs, and we would rather them buy *genuine* NZ-product, rather than the mass-produced “imports” that are sold by city souvenir shops!

PLEASE NOTE: Coast to Coast Tours passes on the WHOLE 15% discount voucher to our guests… (not pocket a 10%  commission like other Auckland tours like to do!)